With the MDR transition deadline extension published in March of 2023, medical device manufacturers have more time to ensure the infrastructure of their medical device manufacturing processes is adequately prepared. Where the extension ensures that the migration does not endanger supply chains of medical devices, it also allows thorough preparation and implementation of the updated standards.

Of particular importance is that the extended transition timelines apply to those who meet specific conditions and are actively in the process of making the transition to MDR. This is aimed at ensuring that those needing to make the transition are taking adequate steps to do so for future assurance of medical device supply. How is your company navigating a successful transition to the MDR Regulations?

For assistance in exploring how the MDR extension impacts your medical device company, or consultation to ensure your business successfully meets the new deadlines and requirements, DPDC is ready to connect! Reach out now for a free consultation.

For details of the amendments made to Regulations (EU) 2017/745 and (EU) 2017/746, click here.